Another concert @ Bitche last Thursday night: a support show for Brenda Norrell.
(She, a professional journalist, writes about Native American topics on her blog – Censored News – that are censored/banned/ignored in the mainstream media. She really deserves our support. If you are French: a lot of her articles are translated in French by Christine Prat)

The concert started with a surprising performance from ‘Les mains froides’.
A one man show – cap, mask, ‘blood’ all over – playing the drums accompanied by the sound/music produced by a couple of electronic devices (see picture below).

And then, there was Haymarket: an excellent performance, one of the very best I’ve ever seen/heard of them! And, according to the very enthousiastic response of the audiance, I was not the only one to think so.

Next, the DJ ‘Fraulein Flo Soundcloud’ provided an appropriate ending for this concert.

With only two big spots, placed on the floor – opposite to each other – photography was really quite a ‘challenge’. Nevertheless, I tried: click here to see the pictures .


Les Mains Froides @ Bitche, 13 Mar. 2014


Haymarket @ Bitche, 13 Mar. 2014


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