On 6 June, Haymarket (Nantes,F) and Found on the Floor (Ireland) played at Bitche (Nantes). Haymarket played their new song “Save (all) the Peaks”: an hommage to the struggle of the indigenous people in Arizona to protect one of their sacred sites, the Arizona Peaks. Christine Prat made several videos during the Haymarket gig and I have put a link on my my slideshow page to the one I liked best: Vinz, the drummer of Haymarket. You can see the pictures I took from Haymarket here.

Found on the Floor at Bitche

‘Found on the Floor’, was a new group to me (punk-rock from Ireland). I enjoyed their show very much and took – I think – a nice series of photos of them; click here .


Last Saterday Tinariwen, the Touareg group from Kidal in northern Mali, played at the 40th music festival in Saint Brieuc (Britanny, France). They are probably the oldest and most famous Touareg group, touring all over the world. I was very pleased to see them again, and moreover, managed to take some pictures of their show.

Tinariwen at ArtRock festival


Tamazgha, 20th anniversary

On April 25, 2013, in updates photo gallery, by thk

Tamazgha/France – a Berber organization – celebrated their 20th anniversary in Montreuil, near Paris, with an exposition, debates, press tables and – of course – music. Special topic: the struggle of the Touareg for self determination and against the pollution and exploitation by foreign (uranium) mining companies. See the pictures.

Touareg group ‘Atri n Assouf’

(Tamazgha or Tamazɣa is a Berber word employed for the area more often known as the Maghreb or North Africa, covering the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Niger River, from Siwa Oasis to the Canary Islands. Wikipedia)


Brieg Guerveno in Rennes

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Rennes, Rue Legraverend. One of the 4 cafés in that street got new owners and a new naam: ‘1675’.
On the first night after the renovations – 12 January -, the Breton-group Brieg Guerveno (St. Brieuc) had a gig there.
See the pictures.


Pictures from the gig in Puiset-Doré have been added to the InnerTerrestrials, Dec.2012 album. (Seen also previous post).


The 14th of December, InnerTerrestrials played in Le Jardin Moderne, Rennes (Fiesta Punk de Noël). Paco, the regular IT drummer, had to stay in London because of serious health problems. Michel (Nantes, Six-8, Cash Stevens,….) replaced him and did – after only a few hours of rehearsel – an excellent job.
Next day they played in Le Puiset-Doré (some 40 km east of Nantes).
See the pictures I took at Le Jardin Moderne.


SPANNER @ Café de la Pente

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July 14, a very good -and long- concert in Rochefort-en-Terre (organized by General Strike and Happy Culture): Primeval Soup, Cop on Fire, Spanner (all from the UK), Mauvaise Grain and Heyoka.
As you can see from the pictures , during the gig from Spanner I got quite inspired by the rasta hairdo from one of them.
Spanner’s website.

Pictures from the other groups are coming soon (I hope).


On 6 June, 2012 the band ‘Mauvaise Graine’ played at Le Galion, Lorient.
See the pictures .


On 21-4-2012 InnerTerrestrials organised an album launch party at “The Garage”, London.
A very good concert, some 700 people showed up.
For the pictures of IT, click here.
(Pics from the other groups are coming soon.)


Last friday – one week after the release of their new album “Friendly Advice to the Poor” – Haymarket played at La Paillote; it really was an excellent performance!!
Have a look at the pictures.

(If you are interested, you can buy/order the album at MassProd in Rennes or via General Strike.)