I’ve added a new album for Trouz an Noz : they played a very nice concert at La Paillote,Rennes (18 Feb.2012).

(Website: Trouz an Noz )


Haymarket @ Bitche (Nantes)

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I’ve put a new album with some 20 pictures from their latest gig at Bitche (4 Feb.)

Haymarket will release their album “Friendly Advice to the Poor” on March 2nd; see the announcement on their site.


As always – I don’t remember a single exception – they played very good. Unfortunately the illumination of the scene was quite a different matter: I had to shoot at a very high sensitivity (ISO 12.800) to get any pictures at all. Nevertheless, see the pictures.


Arizona is not just The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly and a lot of other beautiful places.
Arizona means also heavy polluting coal power plants and (strip)mining (coal, uranium,..). I’ve been at a few of those places and took some pictures (although ‘they’ don’t like that and don’t let you come close).


Last Saturday Inner Terrestrials played at a concert for the 20th anniversary of Cheribibi at Main d’Oeuvres (Saint Ouen, 93). It was really a great show! Their new album -Tales of Terror – is almost ready (April/March).


SPANNER in Ty Anna Tavarn

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The Bristol based group SPANNER (www.spannerintheworks.net) played Oct. 27 in Rennes (Ty Anna Tavarn ). See the pictures.


On Oct 7, 2011 – after an absence of 11 years – the Mass Murderers played again at L’Antipode in Rennes. (Upcoming concert of this group: Breizh Disorder festival at Lorient; Dec 3).


OCCUPY WALL Street, video Bigsteelguy4

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“This may be the most powerful video yet to come out of the Wall Street occupation, now heading into its fifth week. It strongly and artfully suggests a comparability between the U.S. government’s response to the nationwide protests and those of regimes challenged by the Arab Spring. —ARK “

(Video posted by Bigsteelguy4 on YouTube, Oct 16, 2011)


InnerTerrestrials in Paris

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Recently InnerTerrestrials played two gigs in Paris: at Les Combustibles and CICP .


La Fraction at CICP, Paris

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On 25 Sept 2011 – together with ‘Inner Terrestrials’ and ‘Tendance King-Kong’ – La Fraction played at a benefit concert for the anarchist library “Le Jargon Libre”.